Off on tour!

2011-06-15 18:41:44 by SITEbassist

Well all, we are about to head out on our US tour!

We have a drummer.
We have a 6 song EP.
We have T-shirts and merch.
New Music Video for "Tale of Daedalus"

Check out facebook.

Here is our video though.

<iframe width="560" height="349" src=" wWAD2xE" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Tour list is also on Reverbnation.
Come out to the show! :{D

Off on tour!

Well the festivities of Saturnalia is coming to a close tomorrow, so spend the next two days indulging in the life-blood and all the eats you can cram down your throat.

For us, this marks the turning of a new year.

1. We have found a drummer {secret is out}
2. We have 4 songs recorded
3. We will be releasing 1 new song in a few days.
4. We are working on our t-shirt
5. Tour for next summer is planned
6. Setting up to record the remaining songs
7. Take over the world

So stay tuned, it will be out soon!

For your holiday pleasures, check out the new picture!

As Saturnalia Comes to an End

Teh Rise of New Rome

2010-11-04 20:13:13 by SITEbassist

First and foremost. Check the fucking webisode.
It was made with love, for you.
By sir Pants.

/* */
We are finishing up "Castor, Meet Pollux" (song previewed in the webisode) and Metal Gear [soon to be renamed].
By we, I mean Pat Shanks and his glorious editing fingers.

We will hopefully have a 4 song demo for your Saturnalia day parties in Dec.
We are doing the best a 6 piece band can do with normal, hoopla jobs.


But, enjoy the webisode and stay tuned!

{Picture thanks to our good friend Richard Ralston}

Teh Rise of New Rome

Hey all. Saturnalia is on its way to glory!
Well, we hope.

So far we have 2 songs recorded. One is on here.
We will be having webisodes, comics and as much entertainment we can dish out!

Check out the myspace and keep in touch.
We are always in need of more friends/fans!


Finally kicking off Saturnalia

So I have recently become the singer/lyricist of a Progressive Metal band called Saturnalia based her in St. Paul MN. I am still finishing up some songs but we have a solid line up of 7 songs and we have our first show on June 5th! I am excited. It will be very fun and I am enjoying taking on the lead as vocalist for this project.

Here is a list of songs and what they are about:

1. Metal Gear: Roman Decimation though the eyes of a Captain who went against his Generals orders. Based during the Battle at the Colline Gate in Spartacus.
2. Pirate Lord: When Cilician pirates kidnapped Julius Caesar, they held him for ransom. They received their payment and then were chased down by Julius' fleet and sent to a watery grave.
3. Michael Bay's Greatest Hits: Based roughly off of the Transformers movies with a love for the original in mind. Going off of the death of Optimus Prime.
4. Duck Tales: Based off the Greek inventor Daedalus and his torment he lives with as he killed his nephew and watched his son Icarus die. Shows the torment and emotion that he felt.
5. Castor Meets Pollux: Based off the Greek Mythology of the Pisces twins. Pollux was immortal and Castor was mortal. When Castor was nearly slain by his cousin, his twin gave up half of his immortality to be with him and walk between the plane of death and the gods.
6. Castlevania: A general song about the next of the Belmonts and the repeated struggle of taking down the lord of darkness.
7. Clarence Boddicker: Loosely based off of Robocop and the villain named Clarence Boddicker. He is played by the amazing Kurtwood Smith.

Hopefully we will be recording these soon!
If you want a taste of the music though there are midi files online at

Thanks and hope to have things for you all soon!

New Rome Wasn't Built in a Day.

New Sleep Is The Enemy Stuff

2009-12-12 19:37:34 by SITEbassist

Ahhh our drummer is no longer. We need that. I think...
Ha yeah so we are trying out some new ones.
Our next CD will have double kick!!!!!!

But anyways.
Going in Monday and Wed to work on 4 songs. Exciting.
Currently I have been working on my Guitar Pro Metal Musical.
As soon as I am done I will post that shit and people can use it at discretion, but it won't have vocals and will sounds very midi.


Guitar Pro build my XP

Well looks like I am finally going to be posting content and updating this. Maybe I can get some more exposure out for my band [If not then I can just let some people use our/my stuff].

Busy at work, playin' the Newground's games.
That is all I ever seem to do.

Hopefully my submission will be up soon and hopefully everyone likes it!
More to follow if things go well!!

Finally Posting [Adventures of a Noob]